Having finished my BA in Film and Video at the University of Wales, Newport, I went onto various work experiences roles before extensively traveling through South East Asia. I have just finished my MA in Directing Digital Film and Television at Bournemouth University.

I am currently in Post-Production on ‘Revelations‘ my MA final film .

I’ve always tried to do something different in all my films during the course of my postgraduate study year; from using VFX (The End Of The World), to filming with green screen (The Infinity Room), to making a Japanese language film that mixes live action and 2D animation (Issun Boshi: The One-Inch Samurai), which has made the official selection of the Asian Film Festival of Dallas.

I co-directed “Cash Out” which was shortlisted among the top four films in Colchester Film Festival’s 48-Hour Film Challenge in September 2012.

Apart from that, I’ve directed a promo for the Alani Quartet in Bournemouth and was the first assistant director on the music video “Over You” by Graffiti 6, which was submitted for’s music video competition.

You can watch some of my work on the Productions page.