About The Film

The film is currently in the final stages of post-production and the team are preparing a great film festival run.

​”Revelations” is a short sci-fi costume drama with influences of Steampunk and Cyberpunk that is being produced by MA Media Production students at Bournemouth University along with students from the Arts University Bournemouth.

It’s a Neo-Victorian style love story with Cyberpunk elements, which makes it a Jane Austin-esque costume drama that is more accessible, entertaining and interesting to those who might be more into Sci-Fi, the sub-culture or just curious in general.

Revelations is set in an alternate timeline to our own and in this world, the first World War has never ended and continues on till present day. The story is about our protagonist, Amelia, who has found herself helplessly stuck within the oppressive walls of status fuelled by her authoritarian mother, Jane; her love interest, Cassius, who has recently returned from the war; and his rival, Hugo, the high ranking corporate official whom Jane adores. We follow Amelia as she struggles to satisfy her duty as a daughter as well as her duty to herself and satisfying her own wants and needs.​

The film blends a lot of themes that we are familiar with, like love and coming of age, but it’s the aesthetic world and the subtle nuances that the die hard Steampunk and Cyberpunk fans will really enjoy and get excited about. We believe it’s these things that are what really makes Revelations stand out from other aesthetically niche stories and other similarly themed stories.